Our Business Philosophy

We partner with a select group of progressive Property Managers in the Vacation Rental Industry, providing them with very personal attention and exceptional service to help them get the most out of technology to improve their operations and increase profitability.

“Partnering” is not just a buzz word to us, but a key principle within our business philosophy! We involve and educate the project stakeholders through every critical step, so they know the what, where, how, and why, and take part in the decisions that will plot the long-term designs that drive their businesses.

We really do gauge our success through our Clients’ success!

Due to the high levels of personal attention and depth of services we provide, The TomK Consulting Group limits the number of our Client Partners. We work with those Clients who are interested in improving their Information Technology environment and using our consultative experience to improve their business operations and profitability. If you would appreciate partnering with a company dedicated to your success, please contact Tom K to become one of our select Clients.